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Dear Sir,

kindly add this course to the list of courses for the UG programme under the Department of Geology and Environmental Science

Kindly assign me as the course coordinator 

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Unit 1: Ionic Interaction & Equilibrium Electrochemistry

Unit 2: Dynamic Electrochemistry

UNIT 3:  Solid State – I

UNIT 4: Solid State – II

MSc Physics 

General Informatics - General Paper

Target Group: BSc/BCom/BA Students

Affiliated University: Calicut University

This course is specifically for B. Tech. Third Semester Chemical Engineering. It is also useful for B. Sc. Chemistry students.

The aim of the course is to

(i) To impart the basic concept of  organic Chemistry

(ii) To develop understanding about concepts on organic reaction





FS moodle

This course can be used to try any tools of moodle. In this course all of you are Teachers and can use any tools. There is NO restriction to use tools.

This course is for the MOODLE Training for the Teachers of Christ College

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